A Complete Guide to Professional Upholstery Cleaning

With brighter days arriving in New Brunswick, you might think it is time for a spring clean. Upholstery can house all manner of grime and odours; a professional upholstery cleaning can freshen up your home. Let's look at what's involved and how it can help.

How Smoke Damages Your Home’s Contents

A housefire is a shocking and potentially devastating event for any family. Even when the fire has been successfully contained and extinguished, the effects of smoke damage on your home contents can be very real. When the fire is out and all are safe, here's what you need to know about smoke damage.

The Most Expensive Natural Disasters in Canada

The Most Expensive Natural Disasters in Canada

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, the 10 most expensive natural disasters in Canada (adjusted for inflation in 2021) were...


Water damage to a commercial property can devastate a business in any sector. Commercial property is typically the largest asset for many business owners, therefore, the costly and time-consuming recovery from commercial water damage can result in major interruption of business operations and loss of revenue.


If all the personal belongings in your home were stolen or destroyed as the result of theft or disaster, would you be able to list them by memory? Most people would not likely be able to remember everything. Taking the time to document your personal possessions before an unexpected loss-event happens can help ensure you will be able to fully recover or replace them after.

A guide to commercial odour control

Odour issues can occur for many reasons, but when you can’t shift that smell, it can cause havoc to your reputation. We're talking possible causes and what to do if your business struggles with lingering odours.

ServiceMaster Restore Continues Sponsorship with 2023 Scotties Tournament of Hearts

The 2023 Scotties Tournament of Hearts Canadian women’s curling championship will be played February 17-26 at the Sandman Centre in Kamloops, B.C. Once again, ServiceMaster Restore is the Premier Partner for the eighth consecutive year.